Radiation, Thyroid and Seaweed

Given what is happening within the world today, I wanted to make sure as many people as possible knew this and would like you to pass it on.

Radiation is always around us now. Whether it is from cell phones, wireless phones,computers, light bulbs, anything that is plugged in. We are also exposed to radiation from the sun, more so when we fly during the day. And now, as the earth breaksdown, our nuclear plants, with their dirty energy, leaks into the atmosphere and our water systems. We are being bombarded. Quartz stones on your person and around your home, along with grounding to the earth, will help lessen the exposure.

The thyroid is the considered the shield of the body. In the US alone, approximately 27 million people of some sort of thyroid condition. These people are approximately 3/4 women to 1/4 men. It does affect children too. Why? We have a very stressful world, at all ages, and we do not eat food that nourishes and protects the body.

Seaweed is very high in minerals, which we dearly lack. Seaweed, especially kelp (also known as bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus)) is very beneficial for the thyroid, among other things. Kelp is the highest in iodine and phenolic compounds. It is important to eat a minimum of 2 oz of seaweed a week. Seaweed, especially kelp, helps protect against radiation and helps heal and protect the thyroid.

When the atomic bombs fell on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, it was devestating. The foods that helped with the Japanese peoples’ recovery was there consumption of seaweed and miso soup. It has been showned that the polysaccharides in various seaweeds actually hinder the growth of cancer cells.

The benefit of miso soup is the fermentation. Fermented foods along with seaweed is very beneficial and supportive and protective to the body as a whole.

If you would like more information, recipes on how to incorporate seaweed into your diet, or help with how to test for thyroid conditions, please email me rhoni@foodandyou.ca



Sometimes it is very hard to figure out what to write about.  There are so many topics happening right now.

What is a diet?  It is a four letter word with the the word “die” in it.  I do not see how a way of eating should have the word die in it.  I guess it just goes to prove that diets don’t work.  Many people will argue, any change in eating habits will have a change in your demeanour in the short term, but ultimately it does not work. In the long run they just benefit the diet maker.

The best “diet” is one that works for you. Do not get hung up with the labels in how you eat, it ultimately does not matter.  Your best eating habits will cut out all processed foods, sugars, fats, grains etc.  A whole food organic diet is the best.  The combination of carbs to fats or whether you utilize animal products is totally subjective.  The best eating habits that promotes health and is preventative to disease is one the is at least 80% raw and utilizes not more than 5% animal products.  That means a high amount of greens, vegetables and fruit.  Trying to incorporate herbs into your meals is an added bonus.

Our eating habits should try to minimize the amount of toxins we consume and use and be humane. If you are following these actions then it does not matter if you eat eggs, as long as the chickens are treated humanely.  Eggs are actually a nutritional powerhouse.

If you feel that changing your eating habits will mean a deficiency in something then don’t worry anymore, because that is the issue will all “diets” now.  It does not matter how you eat or what you eat anymore, there are certain nutrients that have to be supplemented.  These include essential fatty acids, vitamin D, B-12, and minerals.  There are only a small portion of the population that does not need all of this.  Why you may ask?  Our soils have become so depleted in minerals from all the mono-agriculture and such that the vegetables are not as robust as our forefathers.  We severely lack trace minerals.  Vitamin D is lacking do to the lack of time we spend outdoors and because of the latitudes that we live in and the big campaign for using sunscreen.  B-12 is lacking in more meat eaters because they do not have the intrinsic factor to convert the b-12.  This is also why organic is better as it will help boost the trace minerals within the soil and in the grown food.

I always recommend supplementation by liquid first as it has the best absorption and utilization within the body. No matter what diet you are following, if your digestive system is not working properly you will not be utilizing the nutrients you are eating.

Our bodies are very forgiving and will not show signs of neglect for years, possible decades but it can heal itself within 2 years when given the right tools.

Whatever your choice, there is no right or wrong diet. It is the what your body tells you, once you learn to read your body.  Remove all the process foods for two weeks and see the difference.

It is good to understand that whatever your diet choice is, will dictate how healthy your future generations are.

If you would like moral support or advice on how to read the labels or even how to start with the removal of processed foods, feel free to contact me.

all the best



Calcium Worries… Should we be?

We are always being told that we need our calcium  with dairy being the “good” source. Instead of looking at all the other sources of calcium, trust me there are a lot of other better sources of calcium, let’s look at why we have a calcium problem. There must be a problem, because our elderly break their bones too easily and there is an increase in osteo-arthritis and osteoporosis. Why then, when society eats an abundance of calcium sources whether good or bad?

Has anyone every told you that there are foods that blocks calcium? Yup, there are lots and they tend to be the mainstay of the Standard American Diet (SAD). Let’s take a look and I will explain how.

If you drink coffee, soda pop or more than 2 alcoholic drinks a day, or have a high protein diet (this is the SAD with all the meat and meat products) the body becomes acidic. The body prefers and strives for an alkaline state. When it becomes acidic it will draw calcium from wherever it can get it (bones, teeth etc) to bring the body back to an alkaline state. This is called homeostasis.

If you are one of the 1.1 million Canadians with low levels of vitamin D, then the calcium you have/take cannot be absorbed properly in the digestive tract.

If you eat a lot of spinach, rhubarb, swiss chard, almonds, chocolate, carrots and other foods high in oxalate, you will not absorb the calcium.  Oxalates bind with calcium and cancels it out.

There is a factor that does not seem to be mentioned when it comes to absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Each vitamin and mineral needs their respective co-factors depending on what activity is to happen within the body. It is now usually stated that calciums’ co-factor is vitamin D, but if you are looking for bone health then you also have to add in magnesium, phosphorus,manganese, fluorine and the necessary vitamins. Nine times out of 10 it is lack of magnesium in the diet that causes brittle bones, not lack of calcium.  We have far more calcium in our diets, not always good, then we realize.  If you boil of your water and it leaves a white deposit, that is calcium.

I think you will find that it is not a lack of calcium which is causing brittle bones, but a serious lack of the co-factors to build strong bones, which is the magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, fluorine (too much, such as fluoridated water and toothpaste is toxic and causes mottling of the teeth)  from the minerals and vitamins A, C and D. That is the basics, as each of these minerals and vitamins have co-factors that help with their absorption and assimilation for the function needed.

The Magic Pill

Ours bodies need both macronutrients and micronutrients.  The macros are fats, carbs and protein. The micros are the vitamins and minerals that feed the cells.  When the cells do not receive enough micronutrients we eat more macronutrients. Thus begins the roller coaster ride.

We are not a society of too little protein, fats or carbohydrates, we actually have way too much. Our bodies are actually lacking vitamins and minerals. After a few years we end up with all different types of illnesses.  All of this as a result of too much fat, carbs and protein in our diets.  We then go to the doctor and they give us a pill to take away the symptom and make us feel better.

Does this actually help?  I think we all know the answer. Yes and No.  Yes, because, hey the nasty symptoms we were feeling are gone and we can go on with the way we live and eat without any change.  No, because the whole reason we have the symptoms has not been resolved, the lack of micronutrients of vitamins and minerals.  Eventually the “magic pill” ends up giving us more symptoms and destroys some of our organs.  If we choose to follow mainstream medicine, we will be given more “magic pills” that in the end are compounded. You see, the problem is the compounding of the “magic pills” has never been studied and they all have serious side effects.  We do end up living a shorter life and in more distress and pain than is needed.  The saddest thing……this is happening to our children now.

So… how do we reverse this.  Let’s go back to the beginning and see where things went wrong.  It has to do with lack of vitamins and minerals.  Unfortunately, taking isolate supplements and adding certain essential vitamins and minerals back into the food does not fool the body.  All micro and macro nutrients work synergistically, which means they work best and optimally in their original state as a whole food.

Since foods do cause addictions, I would never recommend someone to change their eating habits cold turkey. It would take time.  It is best to add or change one thing at a time until you get accustomed to having it as part of your routine.  Then you can make another change.  You will be amazed at how quickly certain symptoms will disappear without the need of a “magic pill”.

There are always other ways to feeling great without resorting to the “magic pill” and the negative compounding factor.  If you would like more information or know someone who might, by all means give me a shout and we can have a chat.

all the best

The beauty of the sun – Vitamin D

With summer trying to break upon us, people are starting to turn to their sunscreens again. It has been noted that two-thirds of Canadians are Vitamin D deficient. Why? Well… approximately 30 years ago, give or take, the world was worried about the ozone layer having a hole in it. This meant we had greater exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. It became so ingrained in us to never go outside without putting on the sunscreen.  We were inadvertently preventing the production of vitamin D. It is now known that vitamin D is needed for the prevention of many different illnesses, not just bone health.

The research that has been done on Vitamin D is amazing.  Our bodies can produce 10,000 IU’s of vitamin d is as little as 20-30 mins of exposure.  The higher the latitude the less effective the sun rays are in producing vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which means our bodies can store excess for a rainy day.

With everything in nature, vitamin D needs co-factors in order to work properly. We can take all the vitamin D in the world, but if we do not have the proper co-factors of:

  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • vitamin K2
  • boron
  • genestein
  • a tiny amount of vitamin A

it means nothing.  The other issue that has to be looked at is how well your digestive system is working. If your digestive system is presenting with lots of gas or bloating (to name a few), it may not be absorbing the vitamins properly either.

Through a plethora of peer reviewed research, vitamin D has been determined to be a very important factor in our lives.

We still have to be concerned about burning, but it is important not to reach for the sunscreen for every minute we are outside.  When our skin is starting to take a pink hue that is time to come in. If you know you are going to be out during the heat of the sun, then by all means put the sunscreen on.  If you know you are only going to be out for an hour, leave it off, it will do your body good.

The sun is our friend, enjoy it well! :0)

all the best


P.S. A great resource for more information is the Vitamin D Council.

Happy Easter

How do you deal with Easter when your child has major allergies?

It is possible, although it may not be easy in that you cannot buy it at the supermarket…..yet.  Chocolate bought in the stores today, have many top allergens in it, including dairy, sugar cane, food additives, to name a few.  I work on the basis that what can be bought in stores can be created at home, in a much healthier, allergen-free version.

I made, for the first time, raw chocolate easter bunnies.  I  used raw cacao powder, cacao butter, maple syrup and vanilla.  As you can see, simple ingredients with none of the top allergens. If someone is allergic to cacao they can definitely use carob.

Needless to say, if you have any recipes that you love or would like to try, but they have ingredients that you or family cannot eat, contact me at http://www.foodandyou.ca/contact.html.  I have not been stumped yet!

all the best