I am a graduate of the Dominion Herbal College of Canada, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where I earned the designations of Chartered Herbalist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Raw Food Chef/Instructor. I have also completed the certification courses in Science of Raw Food Educator, BASE Allergy Therapist and Reading the Body.

I believe in the healing power of raw food, herbs and the body’s unique ability to restore itself. Through my extensive knowledge and training, I can help re-build and balance your health. My passion is doing the research and sharing my knowledge while working with clients from all over the world.

I learned the raw food lifestyle after I discovered that there were many food allergies within my family. By utilizing nutrition, herbs and the raw food diet I immediately saw positive changes that included clarity
of mind, behaviour changes, relief from eczema, congestion, skin rashes, digestive problems and a better ability to cope with stress.

Everything I do is science backed.  I enjoy doing the research to know that all this works far more effectively. I do believe that there is a spiritual side to everything too.

If you believe, you will achieve!


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