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Digestion and Chopsticks

Digestion and Chopsticks

We all know that we need to eat our food more slowly and chew it longer. Digestion starts in the mouth and if we could master chewing our food longer we could solve a lot of digestive problems (like gas – all forms). One way to chew our food longer would be to take smaller bites. We are suppose to chew our food 20-25 times turning it to liquid before swallowing. Again, we are in a hurry and it is hard to take a small bite with a big spoon or fork.

The perfect solution – for adults and children alike – is the chopsticks. No, I do not mean the piano composition…. though I do like that too. I mean actual chopsticks. They are far more common these days, being another disposable item. Many restaurants have them and the book stores actually sell a special gadget to help learn how to use them. My little man and I started using them – we had lots of fun trying – the next thing we knew we were able to use chopsticks properly and we were eating small bites and chewing 20-25 times before swallowing the food.

For kids it could become a game to get them to eat food they are not keen on. The challenge could be picking up just one chickpea with chopsticks…not easy….trust me, but it is lots of fun trying.

Chopsticks are not expensive and I highly recommend trying it. It will be a great health investment.