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Sometimes it is very hard to figure out what to write about.  There are so many topics happening right now.

What is a diet?  It is a four letter word with the the word “die” in it.  I do not see how a way of eating should have the word die in it.  I guess it just goes to prove that diets don’t work.  Many people will argue, any change in eating habits will have a change in your demeanour in the short term, but ultimately it does not work. In the long run they just benefit the diet maker.

The best “diet” is one that works for you. Do not get hung up with the labels in how you eat, it ultimately does not matter.  Your best eating habits will cut out all processed foods, sugars, fats, grains etc.  A whole food organic diet is the best.  The combination of carbs to fats or whether you utilize animal products is totally subjective.  The best eating habits that promotes health and is preventative to disease is one the is at least 80% raw and utilizes not more than 5% animal products.  That means a high amount of greens, vegetables and fruit.  Trying to incorporate herbs into your meals is an added bonus.

Our eating habits should try to minimize the amount of toxins we consume and use and be humane. If you are following these actions then it does not matter if you eat eggs, as long as the chickens are treated humanely.  Eggs are actually a nutritional powerhouse.

If you feel that changing your eating habits will mean a deficiency in something then don’t worry anymore, because that is the issue will all “diets” now.  It does not matter how you eat or what you eat anymore, there are certain nutrients that have to be supplemented.  These include essential fatty acids, vitamin D, B-12, and minerals.  There are only a small portion of the population that does not need all of this.  Why you may ask?  Our soils have become so depleted in minerals from all the mono-agriculture and such that the vegetables are not as robust as our forefathers.  We severely lack trace minerals.  Vitamin D is lacking do to the lack of time we spend outdoors and because of the latitudes that we live in and the big campaign for using sunscreen.  B-12 is lacking in more meat eaters because they do not have the intrinsic factor to convert the b-12.  This is also why organic is better as it will help boost the trace minerals within the soil and in the grown food.

I always recommend supplementation by liquid first as it has the best absorption and utilization within the body. No matter what diet you are following, if your digestive system is not working properly you will not be utilizing the nutrients you are eating.

Our bodies are very forgiving and will not show signs of neglect for years, possible decades but it can heal itself within 2 years when given the right tools.

Whatever your choice, there is no right or wrong diet. It is the what your body tells you, once you learn to read your body.  Remove all the process foods for two weeks and see the difference.

It is good to understand that whatever your diet choice is, will dictate how healthy your future generations are.

If you would like moral support or advice on how to read the labels or even how to start with the removal of processed foods, feel free to contact me.

all the best