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The beauty of the sun – Vitamin D

With summer trying to break upon us, people are starting to turn to their sunscreens again. It has been noted that two-thirds of Canadians are Vitamin D deficient. Why? Well… approximately 30 years ago, give or take, the world was worried about the ozone layer having a hole in it. This meant we had greater exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. It became so ingrained in us to never go outside without putting on the sunscreen.  We were inadvertently preventing the production of vitamin D. It is now known that vitamin D is needed for the prevention of many different illnesses, not just bone health.

The research that has been done on Vitamin D is amazing.  Our bodies can produce 10,000 IU’s of vitamin d is as little as 20-30 mins of exposure.  The higher the latitude the less effective the sun rays are in producing vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which means our bodies can store excess for a rainy day.

With everything in nature, vitamin D needs co-factors in order to work properly. We can take all the vitamin D in the world, but if we do not have the proper co-factors of:

  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • vitamin K2
  • boron
  • genestein
  • a tiny amount of vitamin A

it means nothing.  The other issue that has to be looked at is how well your digestive system is working. If your digestive system is presenting with lots of gas or bloating (to name a few), it may not be absorbing the vitamins properly either.

Through a plethora of peer reviewed research, vitamin D has been determined to be a very important factor in our lives.

We still have to be concerned about burning, but it is important not to reach for the sunscreen for every minute we are outside.  When our skin is starting to take a pink hue that is time to come in. If you know you are going to be out during the heat of the sun, then by all means put the sunscreen on.  If you know you are only going to be out for an hour, leave it off, it will do your body good.

The sun is our friend, enjoy it well! :0)

all the best


P.S. A great resource for more information is the Vitamin D Council.


Happy Easter

How do you deal with Easter when your child has major allergies?

It is possible, although it may not be easy in that you cannot buy it at the supermarket…..yet.  Chocolate bought in the stores today, have many top allergens in it, including dairy, sugar cane, food additives, to name a few.  I work on the basis that what can be bought in stores can be created at home, in a much healthier, allergen-free version.

I made, for the first time, raw chocolate easter bunnies.  I  used raw cacao powder, cacao butter, maple syrup and vanilla.  As you can see, simple ingredients with none of the top allergens. If someone is allergic to cacao they can definitely use carob.

Needless to say, if you have any recipes that you love or would like to try, but they have ingredients that you or family cannot eat, contact me at  I have not been stumped yet!

all the best